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About Us

Happy Minyan was founded in 1995 in order to perpetuate the teachings, nussach (melody) and philosophy of the late Hasidic Rabbi, Shlomo Carlebach z”l.  Happy Minyan began by offering a high-spirited, melodic Shabbat services in the heart of Pico-Robertson, Los Angeles, where is has remained for twenty-eight years.

Today we are ninety core members and gorwing, offering deeply meaningful weekday, Shabbat and high holiday prayer services, as well as events, programming and classes in a place of non-judgment and inclusion. In August of 2022, with G-d's help after nearly three years of praying outdoors due to the pandemic, we relaunched the new Happy Minyan in commercial space on Pico-Roberston's main thoroughfare. Today Happy Minyan: A Modern Hasidic Shul gathers in a sophisticated and artistic modern synagogue, reflecting the warmth, creativity and diversity of the people it attracts.


What is a Modern Hasidic Shul?

Hasidic Judaism is a spiritual revival movement founded by the Baal Shem Tov during the eighteenth century that emphasized the ability of all Jews to grow closer to Gd through  everything that we do, say, and think. The word Hasidic comes from the Hebrew word chesed, meaning “lovingkindness”.  Followers of the Hasidic Movement, or Hasidim, were known for their exuberant worship and for their love, joy and humility in both the service of Gd and their fellow human being. Today traditional Hasidim are ultra orthodox Jews that wear distinctive clothing from the eighteenth century, distance themselves from the ways of modern society and are devoted to a dynastic leader.

Modern Hasidism is a term coined by Happy Minyan to describe a practice that infuses the fundamental teachings and approach of Hasidic Judaism into a modern way of Jewish life.

What Makes Us Unique?

We are an inclusive modern shul rooted in Hasidic values and keeping alive the melodies and teachings ofthe singing Hasidic Rabbi, Reb Shlomo Carlebach z”l, making Happy Minyan the go-to place for any Jew to connect with the joy of being Jewish.

Our Mission

To foster the opportunity for any Jew to positively and joyfully connect to HaShem, thereby connecting with the deepest part of themselves and bringing about the great redemption.


Our Vision

To create a welcoming Modern Hasidic shul and spiritual center that cultivates a Jewish community inspired to transformative spiritual growth and meaningful Torah observance through joy, kindness, humility and inclusion.




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